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The cost of painting materials today is very high, and it is potentially harmful to humans. In contrast, the emergence of spraying robots makes this work safer and faster and saves materials. There are many benefits, which are greatly appreciated and appr
Gas spraying robots are also called low-pressure gas spraying. The sprayer relies on low-pressure air to make the paint form an atomized airflow, which acts on the surface of the object (wall or wood surface) to complete the spraying of the muzzle. Compared with hand brushes, gas spraying has no brush marks, relatively……
Automatic spraying robots and spraying equipment are two spraying processes in the spraying industry. Although spraying robots and spraying equipment are both mechanical spraying, the shapes and flexibility of their products are different. Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of spraying robots and spraying equ……
Development stage of industrial robot industry China's industrial robot research started in the 1970s, and can be roughly divided into 4 stages, namely the theoretical research stage, prototype development stage, demonstration application stage and
CurveRobot recently announced that it has obtained a multi-million yuan angel round investment from Yuanwang Capital. After this round of financing, CurveRobot plans to expand its research and development team, establish a research and development center,
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