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What is spray robot? What are the characteristics of the species?

Spraying robot, also known as spraypaintingrobot, is an industrial robot that can automatically spray paint or spray other coatings. It was invented by Norwegian Trallfa company (later incorporated into the abb group) in 1969. The painting robot is mainly composed of a robot body, a computer and a corresponding control system. The hydraulically driven painting robot also includes a hydraulic oil source, such as an oil pump, a fuel tank and a motor. 5 or 6 degrees of freedom articulated structure is usually used, the arm has a large space for movement, and can perform complex trajectory movements, and its wrist generally has 2 to 3 degrees of freedom, which can be flexibly moved. The wrist of the more advanced painting robot uses a flexible wrist, which can be bent in all directions and can be rotated. Its action is similar to that of a human wrist, and it can easily reach into the workpiece through a small hole and spray its inner surface. Paint spraying robots are generally driven by hydraulics. They have the characteristics of fast movement speed and good explosion-proof performance. They can be taught by hand teaching or point counting. Painting robots are widely used in automotive, instrumentation, electrical appliances, enamel and other process production departments.

The main advantages of spraying robot
(1) great flexibility. The scope of work is large.
(2) Improve spraying quality and material usage.
(3) Easy to operate and maintain. Can be programmed offline, greatly reducing on-site debugging time.
(4) High equipment utilization. The utilization rate of spraying robot can reach 90% -95%.

Kind Features

I. Air spraying robot

The air spray robot is also called low pressure air spray. The spray machine relies on low pressure air to make the paint form an atomized air flow after spraying the muzzle to act on the surface of the object (wall or wood surface). Brush marks, and the plane is relatively uniform, the unit working time is short, which can effectively shorten the construction period. However, there is a splash phenomenon with aerosol spraying, and there is a waste of paint. When viewed at close range, very fine particles are visible. Generally, air spraying uses air compressors commonly used in the decoration industry. Relatively speaking, one machine is multi-purpose and has low investment costs. There are also special machines such as suction air spraying machines and self-falling air spraying machines on the market.

Airless spraying robot

The airless spray robot can be used for the construction of high-viscosity paints, and the edges are clear. It can even be used for some spray projects with boundary requirements. Depending on the type of machine, it can be divided into pneumatic airless sprayer, electric airless sprayer, internal combustion airless sprayer, automatic sprayer and so on. It should also be noted that if the metal surface is sprayed, it is best to use metal paint (magnetic paint).

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