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Types and advantages of spraying robot

Types of spray robots

1. Gas spraying robot

Gas spraying robots are also called low-pressure gas spraying. The sprayer relies on low-pressure air to make the paint form an atomized airflow, which acts on the surface of the object (wall or wood surface) to complete the spraying of the muzzle. Compared with hand brushes, gas spraying has no brush marks, relatively uniform surface, and short unit working time, which can effectively shorten the construction period. However, gas spraying has splashes and paint waste. When you look up close, you can see very fine particles. Air spraying generally uses air compressors commonly used in the decoration industry, which have relatively more uses and lower investment costs. There are also some special machines on the market, such as suction sprayers and self-lowering sprayers.

Second, the airless spray robot

Airless spraying robots can be used for high-viscosity, clear-edged paint construction, and even for some spraying projects with boundary requirements. According to the mechanical type, it can be divided into pneumatic airless sprayer, electric airless sprayer, internal combustion airless sprayer, automatic sprayer, etc. In addition, it should be noted that if the metal surface is sprayed, it is best to use metallic paint (enamel).

Advantages of spraying robot

First, it is flexible.

(1) The scope of work is large and the audit possibility is high.

(2) The inner surface and outer surface can be sprayed.

(3) It can realize the production of mixed lines and various models, such as mixed-line cars, station wagons, pickup trucks, etc.

Second, improve spraying quality and material utilization.

(1) The contour spraying track is accurate, which improves the appearance spraying quality such as the uniformity of the coating film.

(2) Reduce the amount of overspraying and cleaning solvents, and improve material utilization.

3. Easy to operate and maintain.

(1) Offline programming can greatly shorten the on-site debugging time.

(2) Plug-in structure and modular design can realize rapid installation and replacement of components, greatly reducing maintenance time.

(3) The maintenance of all parts is accessible and easy to maintain.

Fourth, equipment utilization is high.

(1) The utilization rate of the reciprocating automatic spraying machine is generally only 40%-60%, and the utilization rate of the spraying robot can reach 90%-95%.

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